Well Drilling

For 100 years we have been your east coast experts on well drilling. We continue to evolve our drilling methods with new technology in the industry while remaining true to our roots and work ethic. Regardless of size or depth with our specialized equipment we can provide a variety of drilling and rehabilitation techniques.

New Wells:

First, we take you through the design and installation process with our engineer and geologist. We are pleased to provide you guidance every step of the way starting with the well permit application and capacity use permit. While we drill the well we also include geophysical logging. Our expert well drillers construct the well from start to finish. When they finish drilling, setting the casing and screen, grouting, and installing the pump and motor they will also run a pump test and provide water sample analysis. We also install electric and provide a full diagnostic report.

We install new irrigation wells, test wells, production wells, and dewatering wells for any requirements.

Existing Wells:

If you have an existing well we are able to provide a full diagnostic report with our color TV Inspection and provide recommendations moving forward on how to repair and rehabilitate your well for more efficient and effective results. ACSC provides rehabilitation services to existing wells to restore optimal efficiency by mechanical redevelopment, high velocity jetting, chemical treatment, wire brushing and much more. We also repair and replace well heads and well houses.

For older out of commission wells we can very easily abandon them with the correct state permits as well.