TV Inspection/Geophysical Logging

Do you ever wonder why your well is pumping sand or losing efficiency? ACSC is here to help you determine what is going on down there with a color Television Inspection report to diagnose the problem.

Depth is not a factor and we typically TV any well over 4 inches in diameter and up.

Television Inspection

We can TV any well over four inches in diameter and up to any depth. Upon our investigation we will analyze the TV inspection and give you recommendations on cleaning and repairs to return your well to it’s highest efficiency. We utilize cleaning methods such as high velocity jetting and chemical swabbing to obtain a better yield. If the inspection report shows more extensive repairs, we will recommend solutions based on our findings.

Geophysical Logging

We provide borehole geophysical logging for all wells drilled regardless of size or depth. Logging your borehole provides critical graph formation data that is recorded and analyzed to determine physical properties in wells. ACSC geophysical logging provides the scientific data to confirm supreme well design and construction.