Star News Covers ACSC’ Employee, Collin McClearn’s, Road to Recovery in Hampstead, NC.


ACSC employee, Collin McClearn, is adjusting to his new life in Hampstead, NC. Collin was tragically injured in February 2017 and has completed six weeks of rehabilitation at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta, a private hospital that specializes in rehabilitation for people with spinal cord injuries. The local Wilmington newspaper, Star News, covered Collin’s story (link below).

Collin’s fiance, Briana, created a GoFundMe page following the crash to assist with medical costs. A fundraising event is being planned on July 15 at Capt’n Bills Backyard Grill & Volleyball Facility in Wilmington, NC.

We encourage our customers, partners and employees to support Collin any way you can. We love and miss you Collin, and we are glad to see you back home with your family!