Pamlico County Water Department (Bayboro, NC)

Grantsboro Well #1 Inspection & Rehabilitation


Grantsboro Well #1 Pump & Well Inspection


ACSC provided all labor, material and equipment to perform well inspection and rehbiltiation. ACSC crews performed a one (1) hour pump test through an orifice, pulled the pump at Well #1, visually inspected all pumping components, performed a video/TV inspection of Well #1 and finally provided a recommendation report of any needed items to return the pumping unit and Well #1 to optimal working conditions. ACSC recommended and performed redevelopment of well using high velocity jetting. ACSC crews airlifted material from well after jetting and performed a color television inspection of the well post redevelopment. Finally, ACSC performed a four (4) hour pump test on the well post redevelopment in order to obtain current conditions of service.