First Craven Sanitary District (Bridgeton, NC)

Well #2 Inspection & Rehabilitation


Pull pump, inspect pump and motor, inspect well and rehabilitate well to optimal working conditions.


ACSC was originally called for an emergency pump pull and inspection for Well #2. A.C. Schultes Pump & Motor facility in New Jersey inspected the vertical turbine pump and motor and provided a thorough recommendation to replacement the current pump. ACSC also completed a full color, video inspection of Well #2 and provided a recommendation for redevelopment of the well using high velocity jetting. ACSC swabbed and airlifted material from the well after jetting. ACSC crews completed blow out of the well with air until clear.

ACSC performed a second color television inspection of well post redevelopment. ACSC installed the customer’s spare pump, column, shafting etc. ACSC provided new rubber bearings for the existing bearing retainers. We will re-machine the existing stuffing box and we will re-install the existing motor. ACSC chlorinated the well and performed a one hour pump test on the well. ACSC provided a new motor shaft.

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